Mums in Style, meet Nzinga Russell

For our March edition of Mums in Style, La Coqueta catched up with Nzinga Russell, a loving mum of two based in picturesque Notting Hill and a Portobello Road habitué and vintage lover. This multi-tasking mummy with a background in marketing is also the name behind Dawson D Rose, an up-and-coming brand offering beautifully tailored in England jackets for women – we are in love with the embellished detachable cuffs!

Read below as Nzinga talks mantras, her signature weekend look and travelling as a family.

Nzinga 1

Nzinga and 9 month-old son Neo

How do you balance a successful career, a recently launched fashion label and a demanding role as a mummy?

Like all Mums, I try to do the best that I can. It’s most definitely hard work but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I firstly manage hand in hand with my wonderful husband. Having that loving support is always a winner. Secondly, ‘positive energy’ is my mantra. Just go for it and make the most of your opportunities. We all face our challenges but I have always found that letting negativity seep in wastes time and precious energy. Loving what I do has played a major role in being able to balance the most important aspects of my life. Nobody wants to be away from their children but being truly passionate about what I do helps soften the blow. Feeling inspired makes me happy and this can only make me a better partner and mother. I feel that by working hard, striving to succeed and having as much fun along the way as possible, I am setting a great example to my children. I’m not a believer in “having it all” but I do believe that having a resilient drive will get you close to your version.

What is your favourite activity to share with your son and daughter?

I absolutely LOVE travelling with my children. I adore seeing them explore new surroundings, taste new foods and experience new cultures. Travel was a major part of my life growing up and it’s great to see them benefit from the same kind of exposure. It’s lovely having that intense family time which just can’t be replicated at home with the normal demands of everyday life.

Sin título-3

Azaria enjoying the summer time

How would your children describe their mother?

I’d say loving, expressive, positive and always telling them that anything is possible. However, I think they’d also say that I give them too many kisses and I am a bit obsessive about them saying ‘please’ and ‘thank you’.

Nzinga 4

Loving mummy never stops playing

What three things will your little ones have learnt from you when they grow up?

I hope they would have learnt the power of self-belief, to enjoy and appreciate the good things in life, and the paramount importance of always putting your loved ones first.

Nzinga 2

Cute Azaria is 2 years old

If we bumped into you on a Saturday afternoon with your kids, what would you be wearing?

I love clothes and expressing my style. I would more than likely be wearing a pair of extra long skinny jeans, a bright coloured pair of almond toe heals and of course a gorgeous Dawson D Rose jacket. The outfit would be accompanied by a vintage belt, bag and statement necklace from Portobello Road, especially as that’s where I would have spent the morning before meeting up with the hubby and kids for a bite.

If you could only choose one piece for boy and one for girl from La Coqueta’s latest collection, what would they be?

For my little girl I’d choose the gorgeous Camila dress -I’m in love with the bell sleeves. For my little boy it would have to be the Pelayo shirt. It’s such a classic shape that never goes out of style.


Neo wearing our Pelayo shirt

Follow Dawson D Rose on twitter and instagram for the latest news on the brand


Visit them online for a browse.

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